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Preparing for 30 June – Super Reminder

With the end of the financial year fast approaching, we’d like to remind you about some potential opportunities for super contributions. There are a number of strategies that may be of benefit in the lead up to 30 June: Co-contributions: Individuals who are working and have Assessable Income + Reportable Fringe Benefits & Reportable Employer […]

RBA Interest Rate Announcement 1st February 2022

At its meeting today, the Board of the Reserve Bank of Australia have decided to maintain the cash rate target at 10 basis points and the interest rate on Exchange Settlement balances at zero per cent. It also decided to cease further purchases under the bond purchase program, much like other central banks overseas, with […]

Reporting Cryptocurrency Transactions at Tax Time

Have you dived into the world of cryptocurrency exchanges? Cryptocurrency is used to describe encrypted virtual currencies which exist as digital tokens. This digital currency operates outside of government via decentralised ledgers or digital wallets but can be exchanged for online goods and services. The ATO treats cryptocurrency as a form of barter exchange. There […]

RBA Interest Rate Announcement 1st June 2021

At its meeting today, the Board of the Reserve Bank of Australia have decided to maintain the current policy settings, including: the targets of 10 basis points for the cash rate and the yield on the 3-year Australian Government bond.  The global economy is continuing to recover from the pandemic and the outlook is for strong growth […]

2021 Federal Budget

Tuesday night’s Federal Budget was the Treasurer’s second “pandemic” budget and focuses on a range of key spending measures intended to drive Australia’s economic recovery. The budget contained a variety of measures across superannuation, taxation, business, social security and aged care that will affect many of our clients and their financial plans. Please note that […]

RBA Interest Rate Announcement 4th May 2021

At its meeting today, the Board of the Reserve Bank of Australia have decided to maintain the current policy settings, including the targets of 10 basis points for the cash rate. The global economy is continuing to recover from the pandemic and the outlook is for strong growth this year and next. The economic recovery in Australia […]

Tax Planning Strategies for the 2020-2021 FY

Tax Planning Strategies for the 2020-2021 FY As with last year, tax planning will be vital for all individuals and businesses this financial year. Why is this? There have been a number of legislative changes implemented as stimulus measures and you need to make sure you are accessing all provisions available to you. The current […]

Taking care of business PART 2

In a previous post, we shared an article putting a spotlight on the very real risks to your business of unexpected threats such as cybercrime, employee fraud and natural or man-made disasters. Following on from this, you can find below some helpful resources and information from our Insurance Partners Austbrokers SPT Insurance . These resources […]

Taking care of business

Owning a business has its distinct advantages. Choosing your work hours and being able to make decisions for your own future are just two, but this higher level of freedom takes a back seat when things go wrong… and as any business owner knows, things can and do go wrong just like in any other […]

Implementing Sustainable Business Practices

Sustainability is increasingly becoming a global priority, but while businesses may want to adopt more sustainable practices, it can be difficult to know where to begin. The fact is that becoming a sustainable business does not mean drastic changes need to be made. Focusing on small and simple changes that can be implemented into the workplace […]

Elements of a Business Plan

A business plan establishes the goals and objectives of a business and outlines how they will be achieved. It is vital, especially for small businesses, to review progress and update processes to achieve targets. Business plans should include: Executive summary: Identify what your business mission statement is, outline your company operations, your management style, and […]

Important tax dates and obligations Q2 2021

Key tax & lodgement dates for the April – June quarter 2021 28 April Lodge and pay March 2021 quarter activity statement if using paper lodgement only Lodge and pay March 2021 quarter instalment. Only need to lodge if you are varying the amount Make super guarantee payments for March 2021 quarter 15 May Lodge […]

Giving the gift of Investing

Did you have a savings account when you were young? It wasn’t uncommon and those old Passbook accounts funded many a first car. Now you’re a parent, are you thinking of opening an account for your kids? Record low interest rates have taken some of the fun out of watching bank accounts grow, but there […]

The Rise of Ethical Investments

In recent years, ethical investing or socially responsible investing (SRI) has become increasingly popular. Driven by the growth in demand for businesses that are profitable and ethical, along with regulatory frameworks to address challenges such as climate change and modern slavery, there has never been a better time to gain exposure to ethical investments. What […]

Super Success for Women

While women earn less and spend less time in the workforce than men, sharply eroding their super contributions throughout their working lives, there are some simple steps women can take to boost their retirement savings. Sadly, this is something too many women ignore. According to The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia, the average super […]