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5 Small Business goals setting tips for 2022

Effective goal setting will help you get the very best out of the year. Our 5 goal-setting tips will help small business owners reach new highs. Wouldn’t it be great to have your best year ever, this year? Whether you want to grow your business or take more time for yourself, these goal-setting tips can […]

Cryptocurrency – Fad or Future?

There’s been an ever-increasing amount of hype around Cryptocurrencies, with many people either curious, clueless or outright keen to cash in. Here we outline some of the basics, as well as put forward the cases for and against investing in this emerging asset class. What is a Cryptocurrency? Perhaps the best starting point is to […]

Quarterly economic update: October – December 2021

This latest quarterly update covers the latest surge of Covid-19, news on the hot property market, share market updates and discusses the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference. Coronavirus Victoria and New South Wales saw their economies roar back to life as they emerged from lockdown just in time for a new kid to arrive on […]

Five reasons to refinance your home loan asap

Many people treat their home loan as a set-and-forget, riding out whatever the original loan terms and prevailing interest rates dish up. They may be doing themselves a disservice, as there are several ways in which borrowers can benefit from refinancing their mortgage. With the Reserve Bank warning lending rules may need to change in […]

Invitation – Understanding the Super Basics

For most Australians, aside from the family home their largest asset is generally their Super. However, it’s often poorly understood, with many people either putting it off, or ignoring it because it’s too complicated. If you’re one of these people, or you’ve got an interest but would like to “brush up on the basics” please […]

Dollar Cost Averaging 101

Volatile financial markets can be scary, but for superannuation investors, a concept known as Dollar Cost Averaging can actually make volatility a good thing! It’s easier to show how this works, than explain it. Here’s an example of investing $250 a month for 12 months into a hypothetical managed fund. Month Unit price Units purchased […]

Compounding: it’s simply magic!

Forget about location, location, location being the key to a good investment outcome. For now, let’s think of the most important ingredient as being regular, regular, regular! A regular savings plan can turn small amounts of money into a sum that can take you closer to your dreams much faster. All that’s needed is time […]

RBA Interest Rate Announcement 7th December 2021

At its meeting today, the Board of the Reserve Bank of Australia have decided to maintain the cash rate target at 10 basis points and the interest rate on Exchange Settlement balances at zero per cent. The Australian economy is recovering from the setback caused by the Delta outbreak. High rates of vaccination and substantial […]


How do I apply for a Director ID? Each individual director must apply for their own Director ID directly, to verify their identity via the ABRS website, where you will click on the heading Apply for your Director ID. For most directors, the three-step registration process can be done online and reasonably efficiently (i.e., in […]

Measure business success with KPIs

When it comes to measuring the progress of your business, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a vital tool. We’ll help you establish the KPIs for your business so you get the full picture.  When it comes to meeting your business goals, it pays to have an effective way to measure your success. Key Performance Indicators […]

What is Personal Services Income?

Not sure if you’re earning personal services income or conducting a personal services business? Special rules apply to PSI. Talk to us and we’ll check the type of income and ensure you are claiming the maximum allowable deductions and not being overtaxed. Personal services income (PSI) is income received as payment for individual personal efforts […]

The value of cashflow forecasting during a crisis

A business cash flow forecast will give you vital business intelligence to help you scenario-plan, search for cost-savings and look for strategies that will preserve your cashflow position. Let’s talk. Projecting your cashflow pipeline forwards during a crisis is vital. To be able to navigate the future path of your cashflow, you need to start […]

Understanding the Basics of Capital Gains Tax

Want to make sure you’re not paying too much capital gains tax? Keep all your asset records to make tax calculations easy. We’ll make sure you receive any exemptions, discounts, or small business concessions allowed and check for special circumstances.   A capital gain (or loss) occurs when an asset is sold. The difference between […]

RBA Interest Rate Announcement 2nd November 2021

At its meeting today, the Board of the Reserve Bank of Australia have decided to maintain the cash rate target at 10 basis points and the interest rate on Exchange Settlement balances at zero per cent. The Australian economy is recovering after the interruption caused by the Delta outbreak. Inflation has picked up, but in […]

Important tax dates and obligations Q4 2021

Key tax & lodgement dates for the October – December quarter 2021 21 October Lodge and pay September 2021 monthly business activity statement. Pay annual PAYG Instalment notice. 28 October Lodge and pay September 2021 quarterly Activity statement if lodging by paper and you are not an active STP reporter Payment of super guarantee contributions […]